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o2 broadband

Fast Caz

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I noticed there was a tread regarding this from a while ago but my questions are a tad different.

Has anyone had any grumbles with o2's Internet service.

I ask I have very limited access to downloading and various internet frolics so I'm looking to get the 10gig 24 month contract on top of my phone contract.

I don't own a computer or laptop so i'm looking to get one of the laptops they offer. Obviously they aren't the greatest.

Basically I can stream films/YouTube/porn on my phone for free so Im only going to use it for downloading music and to keep iTunes on it so I can have full access to my external harddrive.

In some ways the service is abit of a rip but I'm not really bothered as I am grateful to have a small bit of cash to myself.

What's the opinions?

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o2 broadband is awesome. I used to pay 17.99 for access. But I have just been upgraded to standard and it's only 7 a month. Amazing. Also it's unlimited, which means I can download as much as I want and not have to worry. I asked if they had a fair use policy and they said no. I then asked if I downloaded 100tb per month would they do anything and they also said no. I don't think any other broadband provider can come close. o2 is great value, consistantly fast, very reliable and the customer support is excellent (and free!). I have heard that the laptop deals are pretty rubbish over the longrun. Weight it up by finding how much it would be to buy them apart. You can get some decent second hand laptops on gumtree etc, especially if you aren't going to be using it for anything taxing.

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so Im only going to use it for downloading music and to keep iTunes on it so I can have full access to my external harddrive.

If that's all you are going to use it for get a netbook. You don't need a laptop, unless you want it to have a cd drive as well... but if not deffo look at notebooks. Can get a good one for under 200 these days. Probably best to get an Asus mind, not one of the shitty brands like Acer.

As someone has pointed out are you talking about mobile broadband or a landline service for home?

And their is nothing wrong with BT home broadband! I've got the 8MB home service and works fine with xbox live etc. and even when their are 3 of us on it, still get a reasonably fast connection. Although admittedly cos of where we live it was only BT or some rubbish company we had the choice of

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Umm... you do know that the free laptop is for the mobile broadband using the dongle and 3G while most the people on here seem to be talking about the landline broadband so the experiences will be different.

I did wonder to be honest. The landline here is pretty ropey so I think the dongle would be best.

I was actually eyeing up the notebooks and they seem to be exactly what I'm looking for. No cd drive however is strange but in the long run I wouldn't even need one.

My flatmate has a hp pavillion laptop minus the adapter so I just got one of the universal adapters and everything in fine and dandy until she wants it back.

Now to somehow configure iTunes to stop being a cunt and let me manually pick songs to put on my iPhone.

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I'm on 02 with a static ip.

It's a very reliable connection and I'm happy with it.

The odd time I've phoned for assistance, customer care is very good. Always been a uk based call centre with someone at hand to help with no waiting.

Forget BT. Their product and customer care are both dreadful.

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