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Panic, Hunchbacks, Gilman Street and Broken Sunshine last night


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Ooh there shall be a rematch...oh yes!

Bring it on Kirk...but next time' date=' dont suck up to other bands who are wearing other bands' t-shirts. You wouldnt catch me doing that!! Ha!


and i sucked up to your b/f by playin dillinger 4 and bouncing souls hehe

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The thing I find about bands of these ilk is that they pay little or no attention to their actual sound. If these bands had spent a little more time on beefing up their respective guitar and bass sounds' date=' I'm sure it would've been better.


we do pay attention to our sound, but theres only SO much you can do with a pair of 100 watt combos. we'll gladly swap gear with MMW, ken?

I like Gilman' date=' but sometimes I get the impression that they just try and go way too fast, as opposed to actually working on the songs and keeping them in time, and Stu tends to go out of time a fair bit as a result.



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