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Jackson DKMG

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Basically, due to time wasters, im puting this back up.

Ill try clear up everything.

It origanally comes with EMG 81 and 85, but i have put that in my ltd and put my esp pickups in the jackson. there still pretty decent sounding and i dont notice a major difference.

Its in pretty decent condition, and a very nice guitar. :up:

Forgot to mention the colour: Black.

Recently restrung if it makes a difference to anyone.

So heres where i get my price...

Costs 494 new. (Prices from GAK)

so take away cost of emg 81 and 85 you come to about 300.

Now i will sell for 200 ONO.

Im looking for a very quick sale.

Will post pics if requested.

Cheers. :)

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