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999 , the hijacks , the emos , joey terrifying , shatterhand @ drummonds

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You must be thinking of a different gig. The 999 support at the Wynd Tower was semi-legendary 80's Broch punk band Red Brigade. They played their set of original material from back in the day.

Maybe I am thinking of a different gig then! I can only remember watching one punk gig at the Wynd Tower, and it was definitely 999! But I can't remember seeing Red Brigade. My only knowledge of Red Brigade is that giant piece of graffitti on the side of the pill box at the beach.

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There was a couple of other punk gigs at the Wynd. The Vibrators and Instant Agony both played there a month or two after 999. Red Brigade only did the 999 one though. The graffiti is ace - built to last haha.

Instant Agony! That's who my mates supported! I must have somehow merged the two gigs together in my head. That's why you shouldn't drink at punk gigs when you're 15.

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