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Doctor Who Season 5

Oedo 808

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Written by the rather good Steven Moffat who came up with "Blink" and "The Girl in The Fireplace" I think this season could be rather decent.



She's ginger. She's lovely.

Agreed, she's the upside of ginge.

I liked the Weeping Angels and i'm glad they'll be returning. I'm not sold on the new guy but he gets a fair chance to persuade me otherwise.

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Moffat is one of the great writers out their at the moment imo, I mean he wrote Coupling (greatest UK comedy of the last 10 years) and Press Gang (one of the best UK Kids TV series ever), so I'm looking forward to his Dr Who contribution, also I think matt Smitt looks like he could be quite good :)

Are you being serious?! Better than Peep Show, The Thick Of It, The Office/Extras, Spaced?

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