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Guest Stripey

Humbolt Beginnings

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I've just got hold of the new Pharcyde album, "humbolt beginnings" and its great! Yet again it sounds totally different from their previous material, they seem the have a knack of sounding fresh with each new album!

A couple of tracks really stand out, particularly "storm", "mixedgreens" and "clouds". In a departure from their previous albums "bizarre ride II" and "labcabincalifornia", synths feature quite heavily in several of these new tracks and it works quite well. The trademark intelligent and anti-gangster lyrics shine as ever and continue to set these guys apart from the crowd.

It's officially released on the 13th.

Here's a little sample track "clouds", which is a nice instrumental interlude.


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too much compression on those drums...

boring beat, horrible snare.

nice idea, and good trumpet.

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