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Avoid The Morning - NEW SINGLE ON MYSPACE!

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You guys seem to have a knack for writing decent pop melodies.

Say What I Am sorta sounds like a Weezer-esque song, but sung in a snotty pop-punk fashion.

Then. Now. Always? Has more of a British sound about it, somewhere between KIGH and the prevailing Scottish Indie-Pop sound.

Both are a big improvement in recording terms, and the band seems to be headed in a positive direction.

Where was this done?

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I'm not a massive fan of your lyrics, Aaron. I find them a bit too corny, occasionally.

That being said the music is just brilliant. Really well recorded, good singing, tight and ENUF HOOKS TO RAISE DE TITANIC.

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Guest Gladstone

Really liking Then. Now. Always? Solid pop tune. Reminds me a bit on The X-Certs actually. Only criticism would be that it seems to go on a bit longer than necessary.

I'm not as keen on Say What I Am. Not a bad song or anything, just not as good as Then. Now. Always? and your older tunes like Stand and Fight Together. It does get better as it goes on actually. I typed that first sentence about halfway through, and then the song got better. Maybe it needs to kick in a bit sooner or something.

"Avoid The Mormond"


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