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DOLL & THE KICKS + The Foxes + Redfoot The Fence + Oliver Stays - Sun 21 Feb-Tunnels

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AGP presents


Oliver Stays

& support

Tunnels - Sun 21 Feb - 14+ -

Tickets 5 from One Up and Welcome to TicketWeb!

AGP(Jan-April 2010 shows up NOW!!!) | MySpace - myspace.com/aberdeengigpromotions

Doll & The Kicks - Back on tour! on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads


We are delighted to welcome back the amazing DATK. Having proved a crowd puller last October, the band have just completed their World Tour supporting Morrissey and are back touring the UK.

If you werent there last time then check them out!

Support comes from a new project featuring members of Jocasta Sleeps along with Colin and Stuart (Atlas Skye/Drive By Argument) - Really excited about hearing them!


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some DATK press quotes...

"DATK are all attitude; radiating confidence, striking poses and delivering high quality, driven, eccentric pop. Singer Doll's voice is a perfectly spotless hybrid of Kate Bush and Gwen Stefani. Her energy is frantic yet focused and she works the crowd like a pro."


"Doll & The Kicks pull off some damn hard sugary rock that scratches like it's the biggest bitch in the playground."


"Full on feisty versatile firecracker of a band Doll and the Kicks confirmed to all and sundry that heavy can also be melodic, varied and fun. With bold time changes and glorious melodies Doll and the Kicks are never dull."


"Brighton band with kooky girl singer who comes on like Lene Lovich, Kate Bush, Toyah and Wendy James all rolled into one. Commercially alluring , punky and catchy fare."


"Doll bounces around the stage with the look and energy of a young Blondie....With floor-filling dance tunes such as Just 16, Always Been Her and Disco Queen, the music easily matches the glamour the band projects."


"Back up at The Park, the BBC Introcuding Stage was the place to be for emerging new talent, giving some of Britain's hottest new talent the chance to play the legendary mudfest. Doll and the Kicks outshone the others, with a set of danceable indie rock tracks that sit nicely between the likes of Yeah Yeah Yeahs and The Rapture. Their all-too-brief set edged from the more frenetic tracks built over their strong rhythm section to the more vocally-driven Kate Bush-esque tracks but the best moments were when the two sides of the band came together during the last couple of numbers. Throwing countless shirts out to the crowd that squeezed under the undercover area to avoid the rain, the-four-guys-and-a-girl genuinely relished a festival experience they'll be hoping to reprise in coming years."


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Bump for this one!

Listening to DATK album just now. Rather good! Looking forward to seeing them live again.

Will also be great to see The Foxes back again. Anyone whos ot checked Redfoot The Fence out yet should have a trip down. Great local live band. And finally excited to see Oliver Stays (ex-Jocasta Sleeps/Drive By Argument/Atlas Skye peeps)

Should be cracking night - and all just for a fiver!

You can get tickets now at One Up, Belmont St and Welcome to TicketWeb!

14+ show as always!

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