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Soda Jerk

WANTED: Bass player. FOR: Horrible noises

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So, we require a bass player, for the purpose of making loud, horrible noises. After a brief drum and guitar jam, it's sounding a bit Unsane/Melvins. Slow, treacherous, sludgy, loud. But, it really could go anywhere. As long as the gain and the volume is high, to a skull shattering degree.

Are you into that? If so, then get on it. We'll probably be jamming once a week/fortnight ish, down at MV or Toms on a weekday evening.

Drop me a PM and we'll talk. We'll really start to get the ball rolling once this Christmas shite is out of the way, although we're practising this coming Monday 14th, if you've got your bass handy and want to bob along.

Aight? Aight.

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