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FOR SALE : Marshall TSL60 (2004) Head and 1960A 4x12 Angled Cabinet


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Marshall TSL 60 amplifier

- 60W and an all-tube signal path (4 ECC83s in the preamp, 2 EL34 power tubes).

- Footswitchable spring reverb with separate controls (for clean and crunch/lead)

- Channel controls are also dual; one set for clean (gain, bass, mid, treble) and another set for crunch/lead (gain, volume, bass, mid, treble, and a Tone Shift switch to scoop mids).

- Other controls include a master volume, master presence, and a deep switch providing a tightly focused bass boost that fattens the sound.

- There's also a mix control on the back panel effects loop. Includes a 5-way LED foot controller that switches between channels (Clean : Crunch : Lead), and on/off control of the reverb and effects loop.

Despite a few cosmetic changes (stickers etc) this amp is very good condition with all of it's functions working nice 'n' ticht.

I've had it for 7years now, and it's not gone wrong at all. I just want a change of amp and general sound, so I'm willing to sell the amp and cab for 450 ono.





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at what price could I buy the cab? Simple maths seems to suggest 150, which if the case is ridiculous and I'll come get it today!! Haha. If not let me know how much.

Hey dude. It too has a few cosmetic dings and bashs, but is still in great working order.

How does 180 sound?

I'm still using the amp until my new one is delivered, which should be within the next week or so but it's yours if you want it. I'll give it a good dicht for ye.

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