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Old Gold

2009 in Photographs

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Post your favourite photographs of the year, taken by you, taken of you, whatever. Anything meaningful. A bit of a description would be cool also :)

I didn't go to many gigs this year, but this one was particularly special:


I've posted this previously, but I love it terribly: heavy petting and Matricarians.




A friend that died:


Lots of time spent at the bay:


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Ok, my favourite photo that I took this year is:


My first tattoo:


Holiday in the lake district:


A Snowy start to the year!


Also, not been to many gigs this year but this one was a cracker:


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Absolutely smashing photographs Mr Officer. I especially like the snowy shed. Mr America's graduation is also a personal pleasure.

Everyone must have something magical stowed on their mobile phone at least. Share the love!

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Here is a collection of phone photos from my 2009.

On tour with Mogwai, I think this is in Toulouse. Took me forever to get this shot on my phone, but really love the over exposed madness.


A longer story behind this one that I can't be bothered explaining.


The best backstage area I have ever seen.


Schiphol airport Lego, I think it is a nice photo, of no relevance.


Nice photo of a bridge.


Being cooked for by some real life mafia, photo taken on the sly.


Going to Thomann's actual store in the middle of fucking nowhere! Was incredible though, really wish I had taken some proper photos.


Another photo with a longer story attached, but I think it looks good anyway.


Finally a bridge in Koln, that had padlocks all along it that people use to propose to people or just declare their love for one another. It is quite an incredible sight.


I had an incredibly fun year, but 2010 already promises so much more. It really is fun being alive.

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Started the year with a romantic weekend in Paris on Valentines weekend to watch Scotland get tanked in the 6 nations for a friend's stag do:


Then in March the beginning of many flat related problems:


Holiday in Italy, which involved driving abroad for the first time. Italian drivers are nuts:


Did a spot of hillwalking:


Fed up with flat problems and sharing a building with 5 other people I sold up:


And moved out of the city for a quieter life back in the shire:


Last image from visitbanchory.com

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OK, bit of a long story with this one, bear with me.

In 1993, one of my best mates who was in my first band with me, went off to Glastonbury. We were 15.

The Wedneday after Glastonbury he comes running into school holding the new NME. He shows me the cover.


"Funny cover". I tell him.

"That's me." he tells me. Sure enough, when I look closer, I see that my 15 year old mate is indeed the star of the front cover of the NME, and with a bird on top of him no less. As you can imagine, this was just the coolest thing ever.

Fast forward 16 years. My mate's a "rolling stone" kind of character and we've lost contact after he left school. My mum asks me to go around to her house and clear out all my old crap. While there, I stumble across the NME cover, which I had completely forgotten about.

Thinking that I need to get this to my mate (as I say, he leads a nomadic exsitance and I'm certain he never kept a copy), I put a few feelers out but nobody knows where he is. Last time we heard he was living in London, but somebody thinks he went to Australia.

Fast forward a few months. By this time I've moved to Edinburgh, I'm married with a kid so I hardly ever go out to pubs and the like, but my old pal Emma Forman asks me to sit in with her at her gig in a pub called the Morningside Glory. Never heard of it, never been in it and it's on the opposite side of town, but what the hell, sounds like fun.

I'm playing a song with Emma and the chef walks out of the kitchen and through the bar. I do a double take. He does a double take. It's my old mate, who I haven't seen for years. He moved to Edinburgh the week before and started working in this bar that I'd never been in in my life.

The next week we meet up for a beer and I present him with a framed copy of his NME cover, which he tells me he has been looking for for years.

So my favourite photo of the year is this one. What are the odds?


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We camped at Loch Tummell on Hogmany and woke up to this on New Years Day.


Went to the Lakeside for the BDO Worlds!


Did a lot of travelling around Scotland with plenty of sailing, hillwalking and camping.


gig of the year = Young Widows in Glasgow


Enjoying one of the few good moments in the football season. This photo was 48 hours after I fell 100ft down a Munro. Very lucky escape for me and Caley Thistle had a very lucky escape in this challenge cup game!


Got back into my playing regular golf, 11s football and squash this year


went over to Oz to Best Man at a friends wedding. Also took in Singapore & Hong Kong.


Completed a vastly improved number of technology licence deals at work and also found a new job starting in 2010.

2009 has been fantastic from start to finish, I say it every year but this year has been the best so far, long may it continue

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Daytona beach earlier this year with a couple of mustangs 8-)


First Premiership game, West Ham Vs Spurs, Spurs won 2-1.


My fav photo of the year - Campsite @ TITP '09.


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