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Satelite guitars for sale ( V RARE- Buzzcocks, Stooges etc )

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I have 2 Satelite guitars for sale, they date around the early 70's and are famed for the Buzzcocks and other punk bands of the era buying them and using them for their signature sounds. When you hear them you'll certainly see and hear why :). They are a fair bit smaller than a "normal" size guitar, kind of like a shrunken Strat with a "natural burst" finish?...if they did one like that? :) , would look a bit odd on the Billy Corgans and Josh Hommes of the world, however theyve been known to use the odd "Teisco" here and there and thats what i would liken the sound too.

The 2 guitars are exactly the same, the body work on them would be described as near mint!

The first one is fully strung up and in 95% full working order aside from a slightly dicky tone switch which wouldnt take much to solve, plays so well and the sound from the single coil pick-ups is either really strong or totally whimsical depending on your preference, they have 2 "jaguar" "jazzmaster" type tone switch mechanisms on each. This one ill let go for 100.

The second is more of a project, no strings as yet but everything seems in good order ( not tested the pick ups yet ), it needs maybe a set of in-line machine heads? or just a few replacement caps for the tuning pegs? they work fine though apart from that. Like i said cosmetically its very near mint. This one is 60

These are a real find in this cosmetic condition, they are normally well beaten up ( which is fine, scars are good :) )

Theres not much chance of you seeing another band playing one of these. Or sounding like them

Loads of photo's or email me: Mark - fertuiee@hotmail.com



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