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FOR SALE: Ibanez Session-Man II distortion / delay pedal

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I have had this pedal for nearly 16 years. I bought it from a guy at school and then found it could do amazing delay theremin-style effects when you held a mic near to it. I was more impressed with that than I was with the crunchy distortion!

It has been well used and suffered one accident when the battery cable was snipped when shutting the pedal. New cable soldered on but have used 9V AC adaptor ever since (not included - as I have one of those multi voltage things from ASDA ~4).

I'm selling this to fund new recording studio gear.

25 ono. PM if interested.

The model is SS20 linked below but SS10 looks similar (and that web page has more information)

Ibanez SS20 Session Man II | DiscoFreq's Effects Database

Ibanez SS10 Session Man | DiscoFreq's Effects Database

NoiseGuide - Ibanez Session-Man II SS20

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