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FOR SALE: Akai E2 Headrush loop pedal

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It is with sincere regret that I put up for sale my beloved...

I've owned this pedal for 15 months and gigged with it a few times (I think maybe 5). It is awesome and allows one person to build up a huge sound. The pedal is in excellent condition - I've kept it in a padded case. I do not think I have the original box as I've moved since buying it, but will look and include if found. Also comes with power supply and instruction manual.

I'm selling it for two reasons - one, I've put together a band so they replace the need for my loop pedal; two, my son (who is now nearly 6 months) is looking longingly at it with dribble aplenty... ok, not really; but honestly - three, i need the funds to put towards new home studio gear.

I've been watching ebay auctions for used E2 pedals and they are still selling for over 100 plus postage. New pedals go for around 130 + p&p.

First offer of 100 secures. PM me if interested.

(Manufacturer info below)



The Akai Professional E2 HEAD RUSH combines delay, tape echo, and a looping recorder in a single pedal. User-selectable delay options allow for maximum control of output signal. Real-time feedback and gain adjustment as well as echo rate enable sounds to be shaped with precision.

E2 HEAD RUSH also simulates a four-head analog-tape machine with control of decay and spacing between virtual-tape heads to create complex multiple delays and repeats. The signal from each virtual head appears on an individual output for multiple returns when used with an external mixing console or multiple amps.

Looping Recorder mode enables you to record and overdub layer after layer of sound in real-time, making E2 HEAD RUSH an unbelievable live performance tool.

Depending upon which mode is selected, the left footswitch controls the on/off and play/stop functions while the right footswitch sets the tap delay time or recording and overdub options. The LED display indicates which effect in use and blinks in time showing the delay time selected.

E2 HEAD RUSH empowers you to bring back sounds of yesterday, blend them with the ruggedness and flexibility of todays technology, and add new functionality. Every effect-pedal board needs one!

* 16-bit Digital Delay - Delay time from 0.5ms to an astonishing 23.8 seconds maximum

* Real-time delay control - sets delay time by tapping footswitch twice

* Tape Echo mode with four individual outputs for each head

* Looping Recorder with overdub mode - Powerful tool for solo performances

* Selectable Fixed or Adjustable Loop Level.

* Effects pedal for guitar and bass players, DJs, vocalists, and other musicians

* Delay, tape echo, and looping recorder

* Selectable delay options: feedback, gain, and echo rate

* Simulates a four-head analog tape machine

* Control decay and spacing between virtual-tape heads

* Creates complex multiple delays and repeats

* Signal from each virtual head on individual output for multiple returns

* Record and overdub layer after layer of sound with Looping Recorder

* Outstanding build quality


Normal delay, tape echo, and looping



Sample Rate

Normal : 44.1kHz

Extend: 29.4kHz

Maximum Time

Delay: 23.8 seconds

Tape Echo: 5.9 Seconds

Looping: 23.8 seconds, 11.9 seconds overdub (normal), 17.8 seconds overdub (extended)


Level, HF damp, feedback, time coarse/time, time fine/head gap,



Mode select, loop level, loop time, footswitch x 2


Mode x 3, effect on/off x 1, tempo x 1


Input: 1/4" jack. Input impedance 500kOhms or more/td>

Outputs: Mix, effect/head 1, heads 2-4: 1/4" jack x 5, output impedance 1kOhms or less

9V DC in (160mA)


5.51" x 7.22" x 2.56"

(W x D x H)

(140mm x 183.5mm x 65mm)


2.54lbs (1.15kg)

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Manuals & Documentation Size Type

E2 HEAD RUSH - Reference Manual

1 MB zip

Product Highlights


KT Tunstall using the Akai Professional E2 HeadRush

Check out some videos of KT Tunstall using the Akai Professional E2 HEAD RUSH:

o YouTube - Wee Basta*d Pedal


o YouTube - KT Tunstlall - Black horse and cherry tree

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