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MC Nice Andrew

Laptop Audio Interface

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Anyone got any ideas?

Trying to build some sort of set up allowing me to use my TD-3 to trigger samples and suchlike in addtion to an acoustic drum kit, without having to buy an expensive sample pad. Plus i think this way will give me a few more parameters to play with. Somehow.

Perferably one that incorparates a PCMCIA card and a breakout box, had latency issues when using USB interfaces.

I'm not lazy, i have looked a little, just hoped there would be someone with a bit more experience in this field.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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Look at Line6's Toneport line - they are designed for guitar players and comes with recording software (and the online content has listen and may be downloadable drum loops, I think)


Sound Effect

Seconded, I use to toneport UX1 + Gearbox for quick home demos to send to other band members,

Worth every penny,

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