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Guest Stripey

Yeah I find flyposting offensive and ugly, it ought to be cracked down on. These are public spaces, and there is enough intrusive advertising polluting the place as it is, with all the billboards and crap that are around. No-one likes pop-up ads in the internet, so why tolerate them in your face in your home town?

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Fly posting done well (like grafitti done well) can look great. It can create business, inform, entertain and cover up eyesores such as underpasses / adandonded shops etc.

But fly posting in the wrong places can annoy people a lot. Would you like a poster on your house advertising some past it house DJ ?

The council CEO is a little cheeky because the council fly post empty shops in the city centre with their own posters celebrating diversity / city facts / tourist information...


PS I really like the stencil grafitti / slogans that happens around Adeen - keep it up whoever you are !

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