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Cast Of The Capital EP on iTunes now!!!

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You can now purchase Cast Of The Capital's debut EP on iTunes for 3.95!!

Rotten Kids and Haversacks by Cast of the Capital - Download Rotten Kids and Haversacks on iTunes

Also, we have plenty of CDs left for 4.00...lovely artwork and packaging. You can buy them in OneUp or here:

Cast Of The Capital [online store] — 'Rotten Kids and Haversacks' EP.

'Rotten Kids and Haversacks' is the long awaited debut EP from Aberdeen based indie outfit Cast Of The Capital.

Recorded with Robin Sutherland (Stapleton, Tellison, Copy Haho) in summer 2009, this limited edition CD contains 5 tracks.

P&P UK only 1.00

1. Comiston Springs

2. The Witching Hour

3. Passing The Horse

4. Crematory Blues

5. Tree Sleep

Courtesy of Kittiwake Records (London, UK).

"The opener is bouncy and poppy, the melody is great and it has a lovely breezy air about it...this band can write some really catchy and melodic indie tunes" - Roomthirteen

"This EP is certainly well worth a listen...catchy and danceable!" - Ayetunes

"A hint at what we might expect in months to come - 'Rotten Kids' screams like hot pink tyre tracks through a dowdy grey landscape. It's distinctive and it's bound to please most anyone" - ScoutDaily

"Cast of the Capital take me back to a time in mid-90's when I was still relatively youthful and care free...when I heard 'Rotten Kids and Haversacks' I was instantly hooked" - Peenko

Cast Of The Capital on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

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