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missing guitar!!

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Missing Fender Mexican '68 reissue Blue Floral Telecaster! The guitar was last seen at Billy Buntys pub on Justice Mill Lane and is instantly reconisable by its Blue Floral 60's design. If anyone knows anything about the missing guitar or has spotted it! (because this model is quite rare) you can get in contact with lucy by emailing foetusgrrl@hotmail.com

ps i dont know how to insert images on the boards (i'm not very good with computers) but heres a link to a site that has a picture of the missing guitar model... http://www.12fret.com/new/fenderBluFloralTele.html

cheers cAL :help:

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Didnt Les' guitar also go walkies....?

Shit, that's Lucy's guitars.... should be obvious if it shows up considering there were only 500 made of that model.

:( that sucks though.

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that sucks to hear, as said above, go round all the secondhand shops (or phone them at least) to say that you guitar was stolen ad to contact you if someone tryis to pawn it, it might be worth calling up some shops in dundee or other places too

i hope the guitar turns up, the scum who steal stuff like that deserve to get shot (repetedly)


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It's pretty disconcerting.....the same band being targetted twice. Almost as if it was stolen to order, but they got the wrong guitar last time!! Was it taken off the stage, or what?

I've been thinking of using my original jazzmaster live, but this outbreak of thievery has put me off.


Kitchen Cynics..............................keeping eyes peeled............................

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Guest stuartmaxwell

was going to say something about a car or summint but remembered that cuts are always drunk, dont want em driving

at the end of the day, its just shite,

did it go missing at the same time as les's?

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Guest valley69

im pissed just now in college..fair to say ive got an alcohol problem

yes though it is just shite, went missing after les got his back....you bastardssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

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:help: Lucy had collected her guitar from drakes on tuesday then she took it to Billy Bundys and left it there over night, thinking it would be safe when she dropped it off there was only bar staff and one regular.


She got it for her 18th last year and loves that guitar.

The police have been contact and will be checking cctv. As a result of this lucy may leave her job.

Thanks for the support. Posters with numbers and details are around aberdeen. Pawn shops have been alerted aswell.

Anyone who finds it will receive a award no questions asked.



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Guest Stripey
the guitar has been handed back to its owner!! :band:

2 guitars, stolen from the same band, in the same venue, within the space of a month, only to be returned a few days later? Odd indeed.

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turns out a guy who was steaming ended up breaking the head on it and thought he would take it home and try and fix it(he must have had to unbag the guitar and everything, probably in the presence of the manager who was still there). lucy had phoned both these people yesterday and both had denied knowledge of it's whereabouts, fucking assholes if you ask me. now it's been returned a bit worse for wear but at least it's back. personally, i'd be very wary of billy bundy's after all this jazz(nb: this is my own personal judgement and nothing to do with lucy who still works there and hasn't said anything bad about the place despite all this crap).

i tihnk i speak for most people who know lucy when i say to paul that if you knew her you wouldn't think it was a publicity stunt, she's a terrible liar. :D

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