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Tickets for KISS @ SECC

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Unfortunately I was a little slow off the mark in getting tickets for this and all I could get was seated tickets. I'd quite like standing tickets, thus if anyone

A) Fancies a nice sit down or has a spine-crushing accident between now and then, and would like to swap their standing tix for my seated tix.

B) Has a friend who dies and suddenly finds themselves with some spare standing tickets.

C) Hears of any standing tickets going for a reasonable price (ie face value of 44 per ticket)

Then please let me know :up:




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Seems that in my haste to click "buy" this morning, I accidentaly bought 4 instead of 2. :laughing:

Thus I have two seated tickets for sale - face value (+ booking fee) - 88 the pair. They are in Block A, which is a side view, but it was all I could get.

TicketSoup won't give me a refund, so they're on eBay for face value.

2 x KISS tickets for Glasgow SECC. Seated. FACE VALUE on eBay (end time 07-Dec-09 18:45:10 GMT)

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