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The School + Allo, Darlin' & support - Sun 14 March @ Tunnels

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AGP presents


Allo, Darlin'

plus support

Sunday 14 March 2010 @ Tunnels

14 + show

Tickets 5 from One Up, Belmont St and Welcome to TicketWeb!

MySpace - AGP(Oceansize/ASIWYFA/Vessels-NEXT MONDAY) - 27 - Male - UK - myspace.com/aberdeengigpromotions

The School on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads


THE SCHOOL are a female-fronted indiepop band from Cardiff.

The band signed to legendary Spanish label Elefant Records after playing only 4 shows, and have since been recording tracks for their debut album with Ian Catt (Saint Etienne/Stars/The Field Mice/Shampoo) which will be released in Jan/Feb 2010.

Check out the "Let It Slip" EP for a taste of the awesomeness that is to come!

We've been trying to book these guys for ages so are more than a little excited. Think Belle & Sebastian/Camera Obscura! Good times!

"infectious, hyper-melodic pop you can simultaneously cry and dance to" - Rough Trade

"they do enough to at least light up (if not part) the greying clouds into blue sky as a musical and meteorological Moses with their floaty, shimmering and often clip-clapping tunes" - DrownedinSound


ALLO, DARLIN' are many things. They can turn a room in a famous punk venue into a joyous, jumping, sweaty, pop-mosh pit. Or bring a room of 500 to hushed silence with the few strums of a ukulele and a love song about cooking. They're close friends that found each other and the music they make in London. Elizabeth and Bill are from Australia, Mike and Paul are from Kent. They've only been playing seriously as a band since January 2009, although Elizabeth has been releasing music under various guises since 2007 in The Temper Trap.

"Some reviews are just so easy to write. Sometimes you hear something that's obviously so good that the problem is trying to decide which aspect is the most praiseworthy... It warms the heart to hear such simple, wonderful, quality pop like this. Simple, yet so hard to get right. She shows us you don't have to be clever-clever to be clever. Allo, Darlin' will, quite plainly, become, if not huge, then hugely popular with a great many people"

James G, SoundsXP

"Rarely have i been so won over by a band on very first impression, live that is, it happens all the time on record. It was so refreshing to see a band actually enjoying themselves instead of worrying about their hair, getting their cordless straightners out between verses to re-straighten yet again. Allo, Darlin' are no such band, instead a bundle of joy, pop as it should be."

Fat and Confused Blog

"As the Scala waves goodbye to one Australian act, (The Lucksmiths headline their final London show with a triumphant and tearful set of pop stompers), it also doffs its cap in welcoming fashion to another, the delightful Allo, Darlin. Led by the perennially lovelorn and bouncy Elizabeth Darlin, this four-piece combine the massive merits of lilting ukulele and dippy lyrics about Sandy and Danny from 'Grease' and how cooking chilli is like a blossoming romance. Indeed, musings on said foodstuffs bring the whole room to total silence in 'Heartbeat Chilli', with Darling's charming story alone holding the audience captive. An unexpected delight."

Ben Ross, The Fly

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