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oxbow lake

the oxbow lake want add singer/song writer - dont apply if you need to know the genre

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So we don't waste each others time:-

we're into anything and everthing except numb nuts who use words like emo, screamo, thrash or indie rock proudly, when describing music.

you need to be an individual with a desire to perform/entertain (even if you're struggling to get to the quality we need we'll help you get there).

no interest in you sounding like kate bush or the walker brothers, just someone who's confident in their own individual skin.

happy to make songwriting slots available. new album beign recorded at mo. so amount of comittment needs to be clear from beginning.

fast, slow, loud, quiet, moving, dancing, humour, sad, yodelling we can incorporate anything. at the mo the core of the band are 5:-





organ/rhodes/whistles/mouthy/vocal etc

plus a load of other resoruces available

so getting on with folk is essential.

The Oxbow Lake **new tune up** on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

website's fecked for some reason




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What an attractive prospect you've made that, by being a snob right from the pistol. You should be a salesman. You'd be great at selling fuck all.

Seems like Original Spies is interested then. he he

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hee hee yeah he's/she's right though it does come across like a snobby bast*rd. need to take more time to write in future.


but also fed up wasting time. lets get to the point.....

anyway i take it you fit into one of those catergories?

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