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(FOR SALE) Korg micro Korg Synthesizer/Vocoder

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This Korg product is in excellent condition and comes with full instruction/owners Manual, Vocoder Mic & Power supply in original packaging. (I will include midi>usb cable free of charge for use of the micro Korg with computer software).

This item was bought only 6 months ago but due to buying an upgraded synth with higher programming abilities I would like to sell it. There are no faults with the synth at all as its practically brand new. It has only ever been used for personal use such as home recording/programming using computer based software.


The micro Korg has 7 main features that make this synth so unique.

1. Analog Modeling Synthesizer

2. 8 Channel Vocoder with 16 Vocoder programs

3. 128 Built-In Programs (That can be edited)

4. Process the Waveform of an External Input Source

5. Virtual Patch Functions including Pitch Bend/Modulators

6. Effects to add finishing touches to Your Sound

7. Step Arpeggiator (That can be edited).

I'm looking at 250 o-n-o for the korg.

Hit me up with a PM if you're interested. :up:

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i'm interested in buying for 200.
get back to me.

Most people usually leave it a little longer than 7 minutes to start hassling someone who isn't online to get back to them.

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