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Rob Karloff

Ireland dates for Karloff now confirmed

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We have :

Thursday July 15th in Belfast


Friday July 16th in Enniskillen with Fool and Pocket Billiards

Saturday July 17th in Port Rush with Dawn, Aftermath, DevilMakesThree and Shylock

Psydoll, if you're gonna come now seeing as these dates are all in N.I. now, better get ya ass in gear!!


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Wow.... Where do I start??

Last nights show with the Misfits was amazing... 500 capacity sellout, crowd that were out to have a good time, and 4 excellent bands on one bill. We went down really well, and the crowd really helped us play our best. The Dangerfields were, as always, entertaining and tight... A really solid set before the headliners. Sadly I only saw half of No Less My Life due to preparation for our set, but they rocked the big un'!! The Misfits themselves again proved the doubters wrong, with a long, varied and well executed set. Our own Ghoulmore being invited up to sing "Skulls" and doing a great job. Photos to follow!! Jerry in particular was friendly and great fun to hang around with pre-gig, as usual! We had an absolute blast, and can't wait to play with the Misfits again. Biggest thanks has to go to Andrew Griswold for promoting and pulling it all off... What a dude!

So, on to our gig in Enniskillen tonight... Looking forward to it too. Then we have tomorrow night in Port Rush in the north, hopefully get a chance to see the nearby Giant's Causeway too. N.I. is proving to be well worth the money and effort to come over and play... Other Aberdeen bands need to take note and make it happen for themselves. "You never know unless you try"...

More later, hopefully.


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