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Snafu Comedy Club - Every Tuesday!


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Snafu presents

Running every Tuesday like clockwork, the Snafu Comedy Club has managed to carve itself a wee niche in the ever-busy weekday-things-to-do-that-arent-clubbing market, which before it came along primarily consisted of going to the cinema, going bowling, or getting tanked on top of the St Nicholas centre. All of which are great in their own right, but lets face it, theres only so many films to see, only so many strikes to hit and only so many times you can get blind drunk outside WH Smith and wake up at 3 in the morning with your house keys missing and half your eye-brow shaved off (true story).

Fortunately, there is a never ending supply of funny people. Every week the organisers of the snafu comedy club trawl the national comedy circuit to find those funny people, lures them up north and then watches as a group of punters split their side in the ONLY weekly comedy club in Aberdeen. With a constantly rotating line-up that reads like a whos-who of local and national talent, its easy to see why the club has received universally great write-ups and near-constant capacity crowds.

Ok, so It sounds good but surely a comedy night with big names must break the bank? Nah pal. Its 4 EVERY week, regardless of whether theyre a national sell-out act or a local guy trying to supplement his dole cheque. To make it even sweeter, students get in for 2. 2! What night-out can you think of that gives you a whole evenings banter for just 2? I mean for that you can only catch 1/3 of a film, play just half a game of bowling and afford just half a bottle of cider probably for the best, that one though. Nobody wants to lose an eyebrow

Check out SnafuComedy on MySpace Comedy - Comic Clips, Funny Videos & Jokes for upcoming listings!

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