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Deluxe Parker Fly for sale


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Just wondered if there would be any interest in one of these

Parker Fly Deluxe in Majik Blue

There is a small indent on the front (not noticable from a distance) and very light scratching under the strings from playing but apart from that shes in perfect condition. Plays like a dream, I'm just selling due to a change in playing style. You know what its like when you need something new for inspiration!

I can provide pics if you want, just thought I would see if there was interest first. It will come with a fitted, Parker soft case and instruction manual as well.


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Well, here are some pics. You can see I have taken close-ups of the small indent and the light scratching, both are hardle noticable. I bought this for 1600 new and am open to offers. Feel free to send me a PM.

I will keep it for a week of so to see if there are any takers on here, otherwise I will be trading it in to a second hand guitar store in Glasgow.

Thanks for looking!






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