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Anybody got a media streaming set up?

Picked up one of these on my recent trip state side:

The WD TV Live Community – WD TV Live

Basically, I have it plugged into my telly, and I plug my router into it. It then connects wirelessly to my PC and streams film (inc in HD), music and photo files. Alternatively you can connect a hard drive or flash drive with media on it via USB.

Excellent bit of kit.

Went round to my mates house the other day to set up his PS3 to work along the same principle. Was a piece of piss to do, had it working in miuntes via Tversity. In fact even easier on the PS3 in a way, as it has built in wireless, whereas my WDTV doesn't (not a biggie, as it's near my router anyway, but you can buy a wireless adapter if need be). The PS3 won't play MKV files, but Tversity will convert them on the fly. :up:

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Yeah, i use my PS3 along with a 500GB NAS Harddrive plugged into my router. Works a treat and was really just a case of plug and play with a few tweaks here and there. Makes my life a hell of a lot easier. When you chuck a PSP into the mix watching live tv through remote play on Play TV is also pretty handy if you just want to stay in bed and don;t have a TV in the bedroom.

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