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Tough guys/girls wanted to make noise


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If you've opened this thread, chances are you're pretty tough. Good. Beats of Rage are digital-hardcore influenced cyberpunks who use guitars, Gameboys, C64s and a vat-grown replicant's voice to make MAXIMUM NOISE ATTACK. Look, here's our Myspace: www.myspace.com/beatsofrage1992

On December the 4th we're playing with Bomb Berlin who come from all over Scotland, almost like a multinode computer network that has gained sentience. Bomb Berlin will be supporting Alec Empire this month and sound like a glitched out street-punk selling illicit ROMs in a back alley in Neo-Tokyo 2019.

This is happening in Cellar 35 and it's pretty exciting and we might have an exciting extra guest we can't quite announce yet, but we need YOUR help. That's right.

We're looking another (or even two) fast, hard edged act(s) who ideally make use of electronics and aren't happy until someone is blasted into static. Solo acts are cool, as are bands. Chiptuners, laptop musicians and the like are all encourage. Hey, leave a message here if you're interested, maybe leave one on our Beats of Rage Myspace instead if you like. Just be brave. And loud.

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Godzilla Blues, you disappoint me. You like Diabolik, yet you have weak ears? Diabolik would blast us while driving his Jaguar and stealing jewels and shit then he'd crash his Jaguar and laugh because he has like twenty of them and that's just his style.

So are you guys wanting to play or not?

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