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Loud band!

Soda Jerk

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Loud band.

Ive been trying to start an obnoxiously loud band ever since I moved here, but nothing has ever come the few attempts which sort of fizzled out.

Loud is the criteria. Rocking is the necessity. Simple but inventive is the aim. A bit fuzzy? A bit grungey? A bit epic? Who knows? Just loud.

Influences I like the sound of the guitar on Smashing Pumnpkins Siamese Dream, particularly Geek USA. It sounds like if a chainsaw could grow limbs and punch you in the face. Pelican also, mostly the head-shattering parts than the twinkly parts, but build ups are rad. Fuzzed-out shoegazey noise-pop, My Bloody Valentine, Jesu and the likes. Jesus Lizard and Unsane for the torturous and painful anguish. And Sabbath. Riffs and that. Melody is still key, but cramming as much noise and volume into that melody would be a right good wheeze.

So, what do you play? What do you like? Drums are covered. I play guitar, but another guitar would be ideal. A 3rd guitar could also be possible. Bass too, obviously. All things considered. Baritone guitar perhaps, or even some eerie keys/electronica sounds.

Show me what you got!

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