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Please Sign The Petition to Extend Moorings Opening Hours At Weekends


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We are planning to apply for later opening times at the weekends under the terms of the new licensing act. To this end we've done a lot of work over the course of the past two years preparing for this eventuality.

I have started an on-line petition that you can sign if you'd like to see our opening hours extended. If we can garner a lot of support then it may help our cause.

The plan is for our Sunday - Thursday hours to remain unchanged but to open until 3am on Fridays and Saturdays. Live music would continue at the weekends, but would cease before 1am, with alternative DJs taking over until close.

The petition is here:

Extended Opening Hours for The Moorings Bar in Aberdeen Petition

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I can't see any reason why it would be opposed. Club Sapphire round the back has a 3am licence, and the Casino just up the road has 5am. It's not near any residential areas, and I'm sure the licencing board would take into account that there's virtually no trouble at the Moorings. Think about how often the police get called to the likes of Charlies or Jumpin' Jaks because some ned has stabbed some other ned in the face with a broken Becks bottle. Compare that to how often they get called to the Moorings.

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