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BROKEN RECORDS / THE LITTLE KICKS @ CAFE DRUMMONDS - Wednesday 11th November - 7.30pm

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Wednesday 11th November

@ Cafe Drummonds


BROKEN RECORDS on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

Broken Records are one of the best new bands to emerge from Scotland in the last year or so. Frequently lazily labelled as a Scottish "Arcade Fire" - just because they have strings and horns - the band are definitely much more interesting than that.

They signed to label 4AD and released their debut album last year to much critical acclaim. Since then theyve been touring relentlessy and played all over the UK and Europe. They even played a special one off South Bank show with The National- lucky boys. Standout tracks "Slow Parade" and "Nearly Home" will likely pretty epic live so its magic that people can go see them in a small venue like Drummonds before they inevitably shoot skywards.

Check out the album, on sale in all good stores.

They also have an EP out this week.


THE LITTLE KICKS - Debut album out now on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

Well be supporting the guys and very much looking forward to it.

Have played with the BR lads several times and they're always great live.

Its our first home show since we self-released our album and looking forward to playing the album songs to a home crowd. Had to take time out to recruit a new member but we've been playing away in Edinburgh/ Glasgow lately and were now fully up to speed.

Recently had radio plays from Jim Gellatly, Vic Galloway, BBC Radio 6 and favourable press from the Skinny, Under the Radar, Is this Music? among others.

Album is available in: HMV, One-Up, Big Cartel, Avalanche and shortly I-tunes/ Spotify.

7.30pm doors

14 plus

8.50 advance

Tickets available from :

See Tickets

BROKEN RECORDS tickets. Buy tickets for BROKEN RECORDS at Cafe Drummonds, Aberdeen


PM / Email me as we have some tickets also.

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Guest idol_wild

Withered Hand are one of the most important bands in Scotland right now. Although it's a solo set on Wednesday, you should still ensure you're there to catch it.

Think Daniel Johnston crossed with Red House Painters. The album recently came out and it is fucking impressive.

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Aye, im looking forward to checking them out - heard a lot of good things.

Toby was saying theyre doing well, hes seen them play around in Edinburgh before..

Co-incedentally, does anyone want to sell our merch tonight for a free ticket and a couple of beers? Itd be a very easy job, and were not talking Union Square queues here, more like Mackays QueenStreet level of custom.

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Totally, aye sorry we dont have any albums, but were getting them in next week so do come back...Every time.

I love that shop, i got the best old skool Wrangler Denim jacket there ever that barely fit me but it was too smart to not buy - still stinks of the 70s/ that shop but its pretty magic.

And always good for a last minute TinthePark shop run - pegs, wellies, camping gear etc.

Funny how your never allowed to be left alone in the shop though, which sucks because id love a rake around.

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This was awesome last night.

Didnt really get into Withered Hand to be honest, but really enjoyed The Little Kicks - not seen them for a while and like the changes.

Broken Records were fantastic - shame they had to pull 2 or 3 of their quieter songs as there was too much chatting they felt, but enjoyable all the same! Got the new EP and loving it.

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Thought this was absolutely magic.

Withered Hand - fairly unobjectionable but by the time he was about two songs from the end, thought he'd pretty much outstayed his welcome. Nothing special, but by no means shite.

Little Kicks - Magic. Nice to see Small Talk in the set, I do love that tune. New song was promising as well. Tight as fook too, so all in all, major victory for them!

Broken Records - For me, they were absolutely top drawer. Setlist was pretty much right on the money as well, and new songs were exciting.

Big thanks to everyone involved in this, one of the best things I've seen up here in ages.

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