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cow tipper

who can give 2 DiS writers a lift from Perth?

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If anyone is driving to T in the Park on Sat morning and has space in their car for 2 skint and possibly hungover DiS writers (me being one of them) with one tent and 2 sleeping bags and not much else luggage, would you be able to get us a lift? I really can't be arsed with Citylink shuttle busses. Man, they have the suckiest call centre staff and their website is shit and keeps trying to make me book a single ticket instead of a return.

We get up from London to the P&R at Broxden in Perth at 10am, if our coach is on time.

Please contact me if you're feeling generous. :gringo:

PS. If you can't help, does anyone know where this park and ride place is in relation to Leonard Street? :help:

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