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Hey, ive been playing guitar for close to 6 years now and im comfortable playing quite a few different styles rock/blues/acoustic/anythin really, i feel pretty confident at playing both lead and rythmn to. I do currently play in the band One Night Stand but due to the rest of the band being and keith, and me being in aberdeen, we practice at the weekends, and im bored shitless during the week, so i really want to do something else aswell, so if your a band wanting a guitarist, or someone wanting to start something up, or colaberate etc please give me a shout, im up for any style!

If you want to hear me play the only thing that has me playing are my other bands songs at One Night Stand on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

or this paramore cover i did a while ago for some reason...(check out the solo btw)


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