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El Ten Eleven


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Anyone heard of them / like them? They are a two peice post rock band, consisting of a bassist and drummer, where the bassist sometimes plays a guitar and bass, on a two headed guitar / bass combo guitar [if anyone could enlighten me on what it is, I'd be most happy]


Their stuff is pretty awesome, check a few youtube links:

YouTube - 04 El Ten Eleven - Every Direction is North 10.17.08

Thoughts / discussions? ^^

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I like that a lot. I'm a sucker for loops and have the utmost respect for multi-tasking musicians who use all sorts of gizmos as well as their instruments. Does anyone remember Simple Kid? Saw him a couple of times, once at Drake's I think. Great gig for just a man with a guitar and a drum machine thingy. Another ace do-it-all type is that Duracell guy who does all the video game theme tunes with a drumset laced with triggers. He played Tunnels once but hardly anyone was there. So to sum up, less musicians, more gadgets, equals awesome.

Coincidentally, I'm going to see another post rock duo tomorrow : GENERIC on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

Came across it by chance and going by their myspace should be pretty good I reckon.

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