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Breachlan 12 - Aberdeen LAN Party


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Hi there.

Breachlan are extremely proud to present our next event, cunningly named, Breachlan 12.

VENUE : Bridge of Don Scout Hut

STARTS : 6th November 6pm

FINISHES : 8th November 6pm

PRICE : 31.50

That's 48 Hours of LANNAGE, here in Aberdeen.

If you do not know what a LAN party is, then you have been missing out. A LAN party is an evernt where you take your own PC, and connect it up to a high speed network with the objective of playing some zero lag multiplayer video games.

Breachlan is run by a team of professionals who have more than 30 years experiance in computers, networks and LAN parties.

If you are in any way into multiplayer PC gaming, then I would encourage you to check out our website, http://breachlan.co.uk for more information on our event and what you can do to come along and enjoy it.

I hope to see some of you guys come along to our event. It is an absolute must if you are into Multiplayer PC gaming. We currently have plans for Call of Duty4, Flatout2, Starcraft, Defcon and Unreal Tournament 2004 - But all multiplayer games are welcome.

Check our website for more information.

Thank you for reading.

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Hey, good to see that we might have a few interested players.

It really is not a trap. We have been running events at the Bridge of Don Scout Hut since 2001 if I remember correctly. And for Breach12 we have some special stuff planned to make it the best yet.

If you guys want any more information then register on our forums and ask away. If you don't have paypal then you can still come. Just PM me on the Breachlan forums and we can arrange for you to pay on the door

Our website is, BreachLAN Site

Hope I have inspired you to come to our event. We operate completely not for profit and any profit that is made is invested straight back into our equipment to make sure we have the best equipment to host LAN parties.

Thanks for reading.

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