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Mono, Stereo, Flying Duck, 13th Note

Fish out of water

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Indeed. I'll be gnashing my teeth too right enough as I'm gigging at 3 of those venues in the next 6 weeks.

In addition, one of my locals The 78 (the old Stereo) is also affected, didn't bother mentioning it earlier as it doesn't do gigs now.

Likewise, The 78 is right on my doorstep, it's a cracking place for a nice quiet pint. And I've also enjoyed the gigs I've been to at Stereo and 13th Note.

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I like the 13th Note best out of the (potentially) affected venues, and, naturally, approve of music venues on principle, but if repeated liquidation to avoid debts is the dudes business plan, then a)Many people will be rightly well pissed off at someone serially avoiding payments that everyone else has to make, and b) He just deserves to close, yes I mean morally speaking. Music is full of rapacious robber barons some on a large scale, some just wee, just because its a creative venture does not free it of responsibility...blah blah pontificate.

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