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Dysrhythmia - instrumental US hardcore


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Any thoughts on these guys?

DYSRHYTHMIA (US Tour Sept 30-Nov 1) on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads

Kinda like an instrumental DEP, Psyopus, that sort of thing.

How much would you pay to see them? Would you come? Any estimates on how much people would actually come to see them (obviously the right supports would have to be picked as well to make it worthwhile as it would be quite expensive!)

any comments appreciated! :)

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Perhaps it's not the best description! I didn't have much time to type that up this morning. I quite like the name, ha.

Bio from their myspace:

Over the course of four previous albums, DYSRHYTHMIA has taken complex, instrumental, heavy music to new heights. On 'Psychic Maps,' the band continues to push themselves to new levels of technicality while also adding a healthy dose of melodic songcraft. Thus, 'Psychic Maps' is the most accessible recording the band has ever released, yet still retains the incomparable, mind-blowing musicianship that is DYSRHYTHMIA's raison d'tre.

I really, really want to put them on. Really, really do. But I reckon to break even we would need at least 70-80 people at this. Is this achievable? I've not had much luck with going to 'loud' gigs recently so I dunno which bands would pull a crowd!

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I don't even on go on c zine much, but even I know Persil is a cunt! Check out c zine for the stories about him. He seems nice, but he's not DIY or a nice guy at all, it's just a front. He can fuck off.

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