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Looking for a place to play the piano


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Hey everybody,

I just moved to Aberdeen a month ago and am looking for anyhwere that has a (real) piano I could play. I don't want to practice anything specific, I just want to play it for maybe an hour or two a week. (I've been playing since first grade and I miss it like crazy).

I checked out some of the rehearsal spaces links, but they all either only have keyboards or are for entire bands and much too expensive for me. Can't pay 10 pounds an hour alone. =(

Does anyone have any suggestions? Maybe a public school that has a piano somewhere in a corner that I could play on? Is there a music school for children that has practice rooms? (Googling doesn't give me any results on that =( )

It doesn't have to be perfect, if it's slightly out of tune it's not the end of the world, I just miss playing a lot.

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