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Adam Easy Wishes

Urgent Audacity Help

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Is there a way in Audacity that I can record the output of my laptop? I basically want to record what would be coming out my speakers but not sound-out-speakers-back-in-through-microphone.

I haven't explained very well but I'm sure anyone that is able to help will understand what I mean.

Thank you in advance.

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Damn. Well, I found this page which may or may not help you:

No "Stereo Mix" recording option - Here are Few Solutions | Nihar's World

*Looks like there's a solution for Sigmatel audio on Dell laptops at least.

Gave it a go but the link is out-dated. Thanks a lot though.

connect a 3.5mm stereo jack to jack from your headphone output to the mic input?

Would normally do this but don't have one handy as my box o' cables is at my Ma's house.

Cheers anyway.

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