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ABSCESS complete new album - Dawn Of Inhumanity

Fast Caz

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ABSCESS, the California-based band consisting of Chris Reifert (drums/vocals; ex-DEATH/AUTOPSY), Clint Bower (guitar/vocals; ex-HEXX), Danny Coralles (guitar; ex-AUTOPSY), and Joe Allen (bass; ex-VON), has completed recording its eighth album, entitled "Dawn Of Inhumanity". The CD will once again be released through Tyrant Syndicate Productions, the label headed up by DARKTHRONE guitarist/vocalist Nocturno Culto.

Commented ABSCESS: "The band really worked hard on this album and is excited to get it out so it can burrow its way into your ears and minds.

"This album was recorded with the idea of it being a listening experience filled with bizarre and nightmarish brutality. There are plenty of twists and turns to further warp and distort the bands arsenal of sickness.

"Dennis Dread is creating the cover art and there will also be artwork from Chris Reifert in the packaging.

"ABSCESS fans will not disappointed!"

ABSCESS will recreate the same sickening filth they created for the split they did with Scottish sickfucks BONESAW. - Added by Calum "awesome plug"

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