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edit-select presents SLAM w/ TONY SCOTT // SNAFU // 6TH NOV


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edit-select presents SLAM w/ TONY SCOTT // SNAFU // 6TH NOVEMBER


In December 2008, SLAM put together the 10 years of Pressure CD for Mixmag to celebrate the 10th birthday of their Pressure club in Glasgow. Earlier in the year the SOMA label bosses released volume 5 in the Mix CD series Sci-Fi Hi-Fi, following on from Luciano, Ewan Pearson, Alex Smoke and Funk D Void. SLAM delivered a heady blend of forward-thinking, mind-bending organic, groovy techno. A real journey starting with their trademark deep, spacey sonic tones and building in intensity throughout the mix, taking in influences from minimal to Latin beats and even some disco. The mix included tracks from some of the new Soma artists, as well as 2 exclusive Slam tracks from their new 12 inch label, Paragraph.

Paragraph Recordings was launched by SLAM in December 08 as an outlet for their darker, stripped back techno. Orde and Stuart felt it was a good time to have a label to focus on their own output so they could define the sound completely. After the success of City Destroyer, SLAM follow-up with what has been described as their biggest dance-floor track since Positive Education. Hot Knives was originally composed for SLAMs live shows while touring clubs and festivals last summer, but after a realising the potential of the track, it was quickly adapted for release. Paragraph 2 also features Whats On Your Mind, which featured on SLAMs Sci-Fi Hi-Fi CD.

SLAMs classic, Positive Education also makes an appearance in 2009 with remixes coming in from man-of-the-moment, Paul Ritch along with DJulz, Tim Green & Fergie. The reactions and requests for the tracks have already been pouring into the Soma office without the tracks even being promod. Due out in May 09 - these re-works will be massive!



EARLY BIRD TICKETS 8 AVAILABLE NOW HERE and at One-Up, Five, Attic and Earl of Sandwich soon!


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