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childrens books you like as an adult.


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Well? And please, we all love harry potter, so no need to mention that.

I really like the original winnie the pooh stories and a.a. milne poems. None of the disney pish though.

Also, I highly recomend the 'his dark materials' trilogy by Phillip Pullman. Infact, it barely qualifies as a childrens book.

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The Adventure series by Willard Price - true Classics

Famous 5, 5 Find Outers and dog, Secret 7 and 'adventure' series by Enid Blyton

The Dark is Rising - Susan Cooper

Asterix and Tintin

Sherlock Holmes (although not written for children seems to have gone that way inrecent years) Love these books, I even now own a few first edition Holmes books.

Most Roald Dahl books

And i cant believe i forgot the Chronicles of Narnia so I'm adding them now :)

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The Redwall books are awesome, even though their all pretty much the same story.

Magic Faraway Tree is my favourite book ever (aside from maybe the Harry Potter books) and I still love the Roald Dahl books, especially the BFG and Matilda.

To be honest, kids books are well better than adult books, specially the ones for younger kids that have loads of pictures like Old Bear and Topsy & Tim

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