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The Method seek drummer........


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Hola dudes and dudettes............

OK all gone Pete Tong with this band............

Nae drummers and now a guitarist down.......why why!!!!! (don't answer that...)

So few folks in this town does limit the possibilities i guess....................if yer not into metal or sceamo or happy slappy hardcore drop me a line if yer looking to do summit, no age limit (2 of us over 30), no limit to ability also we just wanna make tunes and gig..........

So far we have bass, vox/keys, and guitars lead mainly.

Cheers again all for looking.


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That would be the Rhythm Method then I presume...

That was useful... Cheers:up:

Anyway, drummer and second guitarist still required. We had about half a dozen original tunes and some covers under our belt before losing two members.

We're looking for people that can commit to one night a week (probably mondays) for 2-3 hours and maybe a gig or two a month once everyone is on board.

The stuff on the myspace page was recorded on one of those portable Boss Micor-br machines using just the condenser mic and sticking it in the middle of the room - it's not meant to be our idea of a professional recording and is only up there to give people a chance to get a feel of our overall sound and influences.

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