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song writer/female vocalist/guitarist looking for other musicians


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19 year old female vocalist/guitarist looking for male vocalist that can play guitar/piano/or anything else useful . . . I am not currently in aberdeen as I am on a student exchange but I am moving back at the end of january.. .

I am just starting my search now for someone to collaborate with as I want to be able to get started as soon as I get back. I am looking for someone with intrest in a fairly wide range of different musical genres. I am currently writing my own material, but find it difficult explaining what it sounds like! I will be able to let anyone hear it over skype or something! I am looking to collaborate with a strong songwriter that is open minded. I do not want to do any covers, ORIGINAL MATERIAL ONLY!

I have had around 5 years experience of playing gigs, and still am in another band further up north in wick which is rock based. The band has just recently played at belladrum, so without sounding arrogant . . . it would be fair to say we're not terrible :)

IM me if you are interested and I will get back to asap :D



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