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ESP M-II Urban Camo / Jackson DXMG Ultimate Gig Pack ( back on due to time wasters


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Due to time wasters, this guitar is still for sale... Mint condition 950.00 Photo's on request.

Will deliver.

This is guitar is truely aweome! I will even throw in a free boss metalcore pedal Or a Korg Toneworks AX1500G

and for 1,150 I will also include a 60 Watt Marshall TSL 602. Combo. Tube Amp.

I also have a Jackson DXMG With EMG Hz's for sale open to offers.

A pretty good feckin deal here.

Alternatively , if you want the Jackson instead as well as the amp i would be looking for 350

I am open to the Hagglers out there but don't take me for an idiot...the deal i'm offering here is very good as it is.

I'm a geniune guy just moving on to the next phase of his life which will not include music anymore.

Thanks again.

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<a  href=%7Boption%7Dhttp://www.aberdeen-music.com/galleries/files/1/0/6/9/dscf3462_thumb.jpg' alt='dscf3462_thumb.jpg'>


Here's a couple of Photo's i have more detailed ones but i've run out of space here. I also have a Steve Vai Bad Horise Wah Wah Pedal that i'm willing to sell for 80.00 still ahs the price sticker on it.

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What if i dropped the ESP to say 900.00 and included the Metalcore AND Korg for free.... and of Course the ESP comes with the hardcase and still has the fret protector. .. ah hell i'll throw in a free cleaning kit as well...there's new strings on the ESP too i might add.

Let's go peeps.. gawd if you're new to Floyd Rose bridges i'll even show you how one works, how to set it up change the strings etc.

I'd say what i'm offering is one hell of a deal....like i said.. i will deliver..I think this would be an awesome christmas present.!

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This is getting lame, these are good quality products here.

Let's see what we're getting here:

Mix 'n' Match with the following Items


Marshall TSL 602 Tube Combo ( I have taken the two back legs off i like it angled)

ESP M-II Urban Camo not a scratch( Complete with case, fret protector, free Gibson care kit) EMG 81's

Jackson DXMG EMG HZ's


Korg Toneworks AX1500G (( free with purchase of ESP or ESP/Amp combo)

Boss Metalcore Distortion pedal ( free with purchase of ESP or ESP/Amp combo)

Morley Bad Horsie Wah Wah ( This would be 60 extra as it's barely been used and wa 120.00 new)

Jackson would be looking at 170 on it's on 400 with the amp.

ESP would be 900.00 on it's own 1,230 with the amp

And of course free power adaptors and leads and other bits and pieces such as Slide, Capo, String speed changer.

I reckon there's potential for some great christmas presents in here for yourself or a loved/liked one hehehe.

I feel like that annoying dude that does the stupid Windows Advert " Ah' said ye buy one you get one free!

Anyone interested PM me or call me on 01224 680638 ah said 01224 680638 nowwww!

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