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looking for banjo lessons?


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does anyone know of anyone who is skilled in the 4string banjo?

surely around the aberdeen area there is alot of folk or country bands with banjo players

i wanna learn bluegrass and the blues

i had a 5string banjo before and sold it on here but im wantin to get back into it and take it seriously

George Norval at Bruce Millers.

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You'd be better getting a 5 string banjo if you're wanting to play bluegrass - 4 string (or tenor) banjo is more commonly associated with traditional jazz (when tuned cgda) or irish/scottish music (when tuned gdae). Blues banjo is something I'm not familiar with, but shouldn't be too hard on a 4 string.

Of course, if you can play the guitar already, then you could just get a 6 string banjo and get the banjo sound and vibe without the learning curve.



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