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imp: Bo Ningen + Amber Pilot + Sarah J Tingle @ The Tunnels, 25th Nov


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interesting music promotions are delighted to announce the first visit to Aberdeen of the exceedingly riotous...


Wednesday 25th November 2009

The Tunnels, Carnegies Brae, Aberdeen, AB10 1BF. Phone (01224) 211121

Doors 8pm

Entry 6 on door




BO NINGEN (Stolen Recordings) (East Electric Psychedelic)

Bo Ningen's live shows are impossible to catergorise as their influences range from Amon Duul into Melt Banana via Stooges, Sabbath, Minutemen. Expect some rather lively onstage antics from this young band who are earning lots of plaudits for their live shows and starting to come to prominance outwith their London base. Certainly a band who will interest to those who came to our Boredoms show.

"...one of the storming triumphs of the festival - Japanese noise-rockers Bo Ningen. With curtains of hair swinging, they bit their guitars, climbed the tent mast and produced a sound somewhere between wolves and Nintendos.



Amber Pilot is a guitarist who creates whole soundscapes on just an electric guitar, backed up with some floor gizmos. Backed up with vocals from several talented local vocalists, highly original and hypnotic Amber Pilot is a sound of the future...



Leaving her acoustic set behind, Sarah will be lining up some new tunes to add to her uptempo electronic set. Those that have seen and heard her electronic stuff know she is a worthy addition to this execellent line-up.



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wow only just checked this band out...mental....is this one of mike's choices?! :p

yeh one of my all too rare forrays into providing some new stuff

happening elsewhere.

Fingers crossed Bo Ningen get a decent turn out & I think this show has great qualities all trhe way through.

Last night Marc Riley on BBC Radio 6 played a track off Bo Ningen's new ep & got quite a lot off emails/feedback about.

However its their STUPENDOUS live shows where Bo Ningen excel

yasmin.......................:up: :up:

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bo ningen were crushing, i was very impressed

(i didn't manage to catch the other acts because of, y'know, stuff)

I think their live show was STAGGERING, thanks to those who told me they thought the same, you know who you are. this is indeed encouragement after a quiet couple of


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