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No no no, fish supper on a Friday


Yes. Friday. Chippy tea.


And you have fish and chips. No chicken nuggets. No cheese burger. No deep fried Irn Bru. Or whatever.


I was queuing in the chippy the other day, and some lad walks in and says "Can I have a tuna baguette?". I thought he was going to get laughed out of the shop, but he damn well got one made for him.


Our chip shops are in ruin. Thatcher's fault.

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Actually never might have been a lie, I think I just remembered one time I got fish but it was at one of the places with a sit down resaurant as well as take away. We were sitting in so it doesn't really count in my mind. 


I virtually never eat any kind of fish anyway but if I am going to eat some, it should be battered and deep fried so I don't have a problem with the fish supper in theory. However for whatever reason when I am occasionally tempted by some fish and chips it seems to be in a pub rather than a chipper. 

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Tonight - Girlfriend is going home to Lossie to visit her ma, I am going to Kintore to visit my ma (it's her birthday). Home about 9pm then finally a long session of FM and catching up on MotD from TWO weekends.


Saturday - Tidy my flat. All my stuff is everywhere because I've just had it painted. The flat, not my stuff. Throw some stuff away, take some stuff to the charity shop. Some 'me time, a bottle of vino with the girlies (just me) and X Factor on TV (FM on my computer)...bliss!!!' /Facebook.


Sunday - Rehearsal at 1pm. Pick my girlfriend up, make something nice for tea.



All-in pretty good going, IMO. 7/10

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