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The beach road..

Noticed a wee camper van has been sitting there since before the summer..Was wondering what the hell he/she is doing down there and are they aloud to park up there and live....Sometimes when i drive by there is a tv ariel out the window and other times there isn't....Surely the council wouldnt allow someone to just park up and live......I have no problem with it like it just intrigued me how long he/she has been there.....So anyone else notice this and ever wondered wtf they are doing lol...

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Oh shit you mean the Romahome? Sitting just up from the swimming pool?

Yeah I pass that every morning im heading to college. Its been there since I started college this year and its one of the highlights of my beach tour. (beach tour is pretty shit like)

Im not sure on the legality of it but they dont appear to be harming anyone.

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