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imp: Resonant Frequencies @ sound festival, 5th-8th Nov


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As part of SOUND Festival, interesting music promotions present


A weekend of experimental music curated by Bill Thompson, in association with The Skinny, Burning Harpsichord Series, Suttie Centre, University of Aberdeen, Fraserburgh Lighthouse Museum, Citymoves and The Lemon Tree

"The relationship between live electronics and percussion has a long history, stretching back to the early work of John Cage, Karlheinz Stockhausen, David Tudor, and Max Neuhaus to name just a few. In many of their works they chose to focus on the timbral qualities as much as the rhythmic aspects of percussion, extending this with the use of found objects, prepared instruments, and live electronics. Each of the artists featured in Resonant Frequencies - Mark Wastell, Burkhard Beins, Will Guthrie, and Bill Thompson - explores a similar territory in their own practice. In a series of solos, duets and a final quartet, this crossover between percussion and live electronics is fully explored as the artists improvise in various combinations during the week." - Bill Thompson

Tickets available from Aberdeen Box Office (His Majesty's Theatre, Rosemount Viaduct or the Music Hall, Union Street) Phone 01224 641122 or http://www.boxofficeaberdeen.com

A Resonant Frequencies weekend ticket will be available, allowing entrance to all events: 15, 9 students and under 18s.





Thursday 5th November 2009

Suttie Centre, University of Aberdeen, Foresterhill, Aberdeen

Doors 8pm

Free entry (donations accepted)


Friday 6th November 2009

The Museum of Scottish Lighthouses, Kinnaird Head, Fraserburgh

Doors 7.30pm

Tickets 7 / 5 students, under 18 and jobseekers (free bus available from Aberdeen, email info@sound-scotland.co.uk)


Saturday 7th November 2009

Citymoves Studio, Schoolhill, Aberdeen, AB10 1FQ. Phone (01224) 611486.

Doors 8pm

Tickets: 7, 5 students, under 18 and jobseekers


Sunday 8th November 2009

MacRobert Building, University of Aberdeen, King Street, Aberdeen

Event times: 10.30am 4.30pm

Free Entry

To participate in the afternoon session please book on info@sound-scotland.co.uk


Sunday 8th November 2009

The Lemon Tree, 5 West North Street, Aberdeen

Doors 7pm

Tickets: 7, 5 students, under 18s and jobseekers



Born 1964 in Lower Saxony, lives in Berlin since 1995. As a composer/performer, working in the non-academic fields of experimental music, he is known for his widely abstracted use of percussion instruments in combination with selected objects and handheld electronics. Since the late 1980's he is performing at internationally renowned venues and festivals throughout Europe and overseas as diverse as the LMC Festival (London), SKIF (St. Petersburg), Donaueschinger Musiktage, Liquid Architecture (Australia), Musique Action (Nancy), ZKM (Karlsruhe), Gaudeamus Festival (Amsterdam), Taktlos (CH), Computing Music (Cologne), MoMA (New York), or Maerzmusik (Berlin). He is a member of groups like Perlonex, Activity Center, Polwechsel, Trio Sowari, Phosphor, BBB and The Sealed Knot, and also works with Keith Rowe, Sven-ke Johansson, Phil Minton, Orm Finnendahl, John Tilbury, Charlemagne Palestine and many others. Meanwhile he has released more than 30 CDs and LPs on labels like 2:13 Music, Zarek, Erstwhile, Hat Hut, Potlatch, Absinth or Confront. His first Solo-CD "Disco Prova" came out in 2007 and combines field recordings and percussion material with digital multitracking.

"simply one of the most imaginative percussionists around, indeed making the tag 'percussionist' seem hopelessly deficient." All Music Guide

"Beins transforms percussions fundamentally into resonators aimed at amplifying the sound produced by a series of different objects." Musiche

"Burkhard Beins has proven to be one of those players delivering consistently intriguing releases." Signal To Noise

"One of the strengths of Beins' playing is his ear for the strange." The Wire



Bill Thompson is a sound artist, performer, and composer living in Aberdeen, Scotland. He has been active as a professional artist for over 15 years, both in the US and UK, as well as touring and performing abroad (Germany, Sweden, Holland and elsewhere). His work encompasses several disciplines including live electronics, composition, and sound installations. Some of his past installations / events include those for the sound festival in Aberdeen, Le Weekend in Stirling, and the Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival. He also organized the SoundasArt conference in Aberdeen 2006, and currently curates The Burning Harpsichord experimental music programme (formerly at The Lemon Tree).

As a performer, Bill uses an assortment of equipment ranging from prepared guitar, re-purposed/hacked electronics, laptop, radio, and digital/analogue synthesizers, as well as found objects and diy circuit bent devices. Regardless of equipment, an attention to sound and presence is always foremost in his approach.

Bill has played with many well known artists including Keith Rowe, Rick Reed, Faust, and others and has been released on State Sanctioned Records, 7hings Records, Spectral House, Ecolirecords, Porkbones, Bremsstrahlung, Autumn records, and has work distributed by Deadline records. He has been awarded the PRS Atom award for New Music, the GAVAA award to develop a new visual software program, and various research grants by the Scottish Arts Council and University of Aberdeen.



London-based sound artist and composer Mark Wastell builds enormous atmospheres on the Tam Tam with very little actual movement. Wastell's music is dark, deep and beautiful. Slow movements build up sonic pulses that are able to take over rooms and buildings. He has collaborated with many people including Rhodri Davies, Bernard Gunter, Evan Parker, Mattin, Tony Conrad, Keith Rowe, Otomo Yoshihide, Derek Bailey, John Butcher, Toshimaru Nakamura, Joachim Nordwall, Lasse Maurhaug, Max Eastley and Burkhard Beins.



Australian drummer / percussionist Will Guthrie uses home-made instruments, amplified found and junk, microphones and electronics alongside more conventional drums and cymbals. Originally a drummer he has worked in many different settings of music: live performance, improvisation, studio composition.

In Australia and France he organises concerts and also runs the experimental improvised CD label and mailorder service; ANTBOY MUSIC. Regular collaborators past and present include Matthew Earle, Adam Sussmann, Ferran Fages, Jean-Philippe Gross, Greg Kingston, Helmut Schafer, Keith Rowe, Jerome Noetinger, Jean-Luc Guionnet, Robbie Avenaim, Erell Latimier, Julien Ottavi, Manu Leduc, Jim Denley, Sbastien Coste, Ren Walters, Clayton Thomas, Mark Simmonds, Snuff Puppetts.

Will currently lives in Nantes, France.



James Wyness is a composer and environmental sound artist based in the Scottish Borders. In his live work he combines layered field recordings and sonic interventions in the landscape with the live manipulation of found objects to create a series of fabricated environments. A constantly shifting mass of natural elements in motion contrasts with representations of wide open spaces, ambiences in which native sounds and human interventions merge, inviting the listener to navigate through deeper listening the time and space of the work. A downloadable excerpt from his latest CD release, figure and ground, a 42 minute extended mix of environmental field recordings and processes, can be had at



fORCH was initially formed for the 2005 New Jazz Meeting of the SWR (South West German Radio), which consisted of a week of intensive rehearsing and recording followed by four concerts. CD recordings from this project have been released by Psi Records - the double CD "spin networks" and the single CD "equals". fORCH is based around the electro-acoustic duo FURT (furtlogic.com), which was formed by Richard Barrett and Paul Obermayer in 1986 and which has performed throughout Europe and released five CDs of its own. FURT's music is a unique combination of kaleidoscopic electronic/concrete sound with the headlong energy of free jazz, and has recently been described in The Guardian as "one of the most blisteringly energetic and experimental partnerships over the past 20 years."

Expanding FURT into a new kind of "orchestra" (hence the name fORCH) was been an objective of Barrett and Obermayer for many years, and the SWR project created an opportunity to establish such an ensemble, in which the electronic duo is combined with two vocalists and four instrumentalists, all leading players in the world of improvised and experimental music who have developed their own unprecedented sounds and techniques, so that the boundary between electronic and acoustic sound may be constantly crossed from either direction.

fORCH plays a combination of "pure" improvised music and composed frameworks by Richard Barrett which serve to coordinate and channel the musical energy of the ensemble in clearly structured but still "free" directions, so that it has a strong musical "personality" which is more than the sum of its parts. This is a new kind of contemporary music ensemble which no longer recognises any hierarchy between composer and performers.

In 2005 the line up was Richard Barrett and Paul Obermayer (electronics), Phil Minton and Ute Wassermann (voices), John Butcher (saxophones), Paul Lovens (percussion), Wolfgang Mitterer (piano/electronics) and Rhodri Davies (celtic and concert harps). More recently the group has also incorporated the young New York-based trumpeter Peter Evans and violist Aleksander Kolkowski so that future performances might expand the personnel to ten or more players."


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