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Powerpop/Rock band seeks Guitarist and Drummer


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Not a band as of yet, but bassist and guitarist/pianist looking for a drummer and a second guitarist (lead/main). Some tunes rock, some tunes more Jellyfish inspired piano pop. As a whole mind, not really sure who its most similar to or influenced by, but favourite bands include, Divine Comedy, Ben Folds (Five), XTC, Brendan Benson, Weezer, Randy Newman, The Wildhearts...essentially just lots of pop bands.

If that sounds even remotely interesting, theres three tunes up on Belloc’s Bar on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Downloads if you want to have a listen

More will be going up over the next wee while as the bassist and I record some more demos.

So if you like what you hear and possibly fancy jumping onboard drop me a pm or such.

Cheers, D

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